Neuroscience and Nitric Oxide


Neuroscience has just given me one reason why this generation of children are so different: Nitric Oxide.

The problems of insufficient Nitric Oxide have been building up over the generations – what health problems can you see? Look up these problems with a Nitric Oxide link: maybe like heart or lung disease, anxiety or depression, addictions, varicose veins, kids who can’t sleep and you will get a scientific explanation of the link with Nitric Oxide.

As this is well documented, I am not going to explain the science, or list all the problems as that would take pages!

It’s good that the kids are different, as they want to sort the Nitric Oxide problem as young as possible to be happy, healthy, purposeful adults in the future – always. It’s best for them to show when they are feeling in survival mode, by negative behaviours or illness, or problems with learning, as then we can understand, have compassion and support them. So be especially watchful for masked problems which aren’t being seen or solved – as they will escalate – anxiety, depression, self-harm and addictions being classic outcomes.

Nitric Oxide is a gas that runs the body and brain. It is crucial. If a child is not producing enough Nitric Oxide, they fear for their survival. Some say ‘I want to die’, because their body isn’t feeling well or happy. Others express it with anger, manipulation or control. Many cannot conform or co-operate.

Here are some suggestions that can be done to externally or internally balance the Moro Fight / Flight or Freeze which produces masses of adrenalin - this affects Nitric Oxide. And how to help the body produce more Nitric Oxide of its own accord.

‘The Handbook for 21st Century Mums and Dads’ explains clearly how to ‘be’ with kids to externally support the best body and brain function for maximum production of Nitric Oxide and recommends therapies that can intervene when this is not working for a child.

Bob Allen can physically test for a high Moro, and give a programme of brushing and exercises to lower it. Nowadays we only need a Moro reflex to survive the first couple of years of life. Then the body will spontaneously produce more Nitric Oxide.

NAET can detox the body and enable it to absorb more nutrients - then the body will spontaneously produce more Nitric Oxide.

We want to stop the constant Moro triggering. First check how you child shows that their Moro is triggered: shouting / swearing? tone of voice? tantrums? withdrawal? going pale, especially around the lips? resisting requests, even necessities for their survival like food? craving attention? being stubborn or controlling?

Some of this in inherited, so when your child triggers, it triggers your Moro. It reminds your brain of the old patterns that you try to override. That feel terrible for you. That’s why you want your child to change – but they first need understanding, compassion and support. Having a broken leg is not the time to teach them ‘how to overcome the pain of walking on a broken leg’. That would be sadistic. The leg could be damaged for life. It’s time to heal up the broken leg by supporting it in a plaster. The brain needs more understanding, compassion and support that a broken leg or it can far more easily be damaged for life.

To start getting the brain and body to naturally produce Nitric Oxide:

The first 2 are working on the inside of the child which brings about quick results

  1. Bob Allen measure of Moro, or other health practitioner.
  2. NAET toxins out / nutrients in, or naturopathy or similar health check

The next 2 are working on the external environment of the child  - if tricky for you to do, check your Nitric Oxide patterns and level

  1. Think: ‘what I am about to say / do, might it cause a Moro trigger?’

If so, avoid saying / doing it.

  1. Give their brain total rest to let the Moro reduce.

The next ones are to increase Nitric Oxide


  1. Think: ‘What can I say / do increase the production Nitric Oxide.’

What makes me feel good when I am with my child? What makes me produce Nitric Oxide? It ‘s contagious! What makes my child happy? What is their passion? What makes their eyes shine? What makes their cheeks glow? What do the really love and appreciate? What gives us a good connection?

  1. There is plenty of internet info on foods that help Nitric Oxide: Like  

Some can be added to smoothies or gravies.

  1. Some may like to try the Nitric Oxide 3 minute workout, 3 x day – all the family can do it!

The next ones are to lessen situations that decreases Nitric Oxide

  1. Watch out for any shocks and traumas: bullying; disapproval; worry about exams; a hospital visit; the death of a pet; moving home or school.
  2. With family stress, for children, it’s not always the external situation that is causing the problem, but more how those around them cope with it.
  3. See the Nitric Oxide health and energy boost information below.



I wish everyone strength and wellbeing in the families

Supporting parents to help their kids thrive in our world today

Supporting parents to help their kids thrive in our world today

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