Nitric Oxide health and energy boost to kickstart lifelong wellbeing – Felicity Evans

Most people nowadays have low Nitric Oxide levels. Our body makes Nitric Oxide if we eat the foods that go towards producing it, encourage the thoughts and feelings that lessen our stress and increase Nitric Oxide, and do the things that help circulate it. Nitric oxide then runs the body and brain effectively – any problem in the body or brain will have a Nitric Oxide link – you can look up online, and know that you can do a lot to improve the situation yourself, and check out other natural support. If you have a named / marked health problem, consult a doctor – ideally a functional GP who looks at root causes and solves them naturally.

Having support immediately increases our nitric oxide levels. Then take care of your own wellbeing first, so you can best support others. Neuroscience shows our own Nitric Oxide levels affect others’ Nitric Oxide levels to a marked degree, because they are governed by our thoughts and feelings as well as physically.

*Have fun, as that starts the body producing Nitric Oxide and makes you want more fun!

*Walk briskly in sunshine or fresh air to increase and circulate Nitric Oxide.

*Eat foods high in L-arginine to build Nitric Oxide in the blood: Rocket, watermelon, walnuts, kale, spinach, beets, citrus, pomegranate, grass-fed meat / wild seafood. Garlic helps absorption of L-arginine.

*Drink plenty of water to help circulation of Nitric Oxide and flush out toxins.

*Circulate the Nitric Oxide with the 3 minute exercise in the video clip at:   If necessary, consult you GP first.  Start with very small movements according to age and fitness, adapting to what your body can do - maybe just repeating 4 actions twice and build up gradually to 10 or 20.

*Increase happiness deliberately at Action for Happiness, the Museum of Happiness and from all the neuroscientists and others promoting happiness and wellbeing

*Have calm times: outdoor walks, music, relaxation, massage, yoga, meditation, good sleep …..

*Try Michael’s online support and group in London:

*Be deliberately very kind to others: those around you or strangers. This ups your Nitric Oxide and theirs. See The 5 Side Effects of Kindness by neuroscientist Dr David Hamilton.

*Use a kindness meditation such as: .This is also important to lessen worry, anger and grief about anyone you know, as these feelings decrease NO.

*Scientifically, as Nitric Oxide levels increase, life becomes easier and happier!

*Use all the 6 Step strategies in The Handbook for 21st Century Mums and Dads

** Nitric Oxide info to lessen worry:      

**For a good layman’s article on Nitric Oxide, adapt this one to your age, gender, health and lifestyle:

**For concern about children’s and young people’s development (many adults still have similar patterns) look at how Nitric Oxide plays a part:  

**NB most things that are known to be bad for health, including stress, alcohol, smoking, overworking, sugar … decrease Nitric Oxide in the body, as well as low Nitric Oxide causing stress and need in the first place.                                                     

Try the above ways to keep up your levels of Nitric Oxide for yourself and those around you.

Supporting parents to help their kids thrive in our world today

Supporting parents to help their kids thrive in our world today

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