Felicity Evans

About Felicity Evans

I’m a teacher, family support counsellor, nutritionist and natural therapist who has worked with children at a grass roots level on a daily basis for many years, helping babies to thrive, toddlers to talk, kids to communicate and learn, and students to succeed – exam results are a very small part of this.

I started as a Deputy Head in a hospital school; then working as a SENCO; and writing my own spelling, reading and writing programme for Dyslexic children – The Other Path.

By welcoming the most distressed, uncommunicative or challenging kids and teens, some with addictions, I learnt, moment by moment, about the inner journey these kids have to accomplish, to bring them out of huge heartache into a norm of happiness. When kids are given the freedom to become themselves, their gifts begin to outweigh their challenges and this began by giving them time in nature.

I continue to explore natural ways to improve kids’ health and well-being. I study nutrition and allergies, including that our brains and bodies are made up of what we put into them, thoughts and food, and this provides the base from which we live our lives, how we feel and what we think, say and do.

I have met many inspiring people throughout my life, experiencing a focus on self-worth, unconditional love, forgiveness, blessings, community, connection, healing and empowerment.

These are the keys that will unlock your innate inner resilience, for a lifetime.

Felicity Evans
Felicity Evans

Felicity understands the needs of today’s children better than anyone else I’ve come across.

Testimonial by: Ann Callaghan, Homeopath & producer of Indigo Essences for Children
Supporting parents to help their kids thrive in our world today

Supporting parents to help their kids thrive in our world today

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